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Composite photos _ These are photos with text or other graphics superimposed on the photo. I do this a lot with the quotations I post on social media and put into my newsletters. Import a photo into PowerPoint and expand it as large as you can on a slide. "Insert Shapes" and insert a text box onto the slide over the photo. Type the text you want to superimpose onto the photo and set the text color so that it contrasts nicely with the photo as background. Group the components and you have a composite photo.

Video _ Video is a great way to take people on a tour with photos, show the development progression of an idea, inspire, teach, announce something new, or otherwise show sequencing and motion. And video is SEO_friendly for websites. Create your slides with pictures, text, and whatever other graphic components you want to use to show your idea concept. Add narration and transitions to your slides, setting transition timing to work with your narration as appropriate. Then use the "Save and Send" option at the "File" menu tab and "Create a Video". You can add music as "narration" prior to this stage of the process, or queue music to the video with a video editor after you create the visual video. I've created many videos using PowerPoint without expensive video production software and equipment!

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002 Template Ideas Wedding Shower Invite Awful Templates Free Bridal Invitation For Word Etsy

002 Template Ideas Wedding Shower Invite

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